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We develop solutions that help businesses find new customers and offer them their services at a high level. Working in the fields of E-commerce, SaaS, Data visualisation, CRM, we enable thousands of companies to provide a higher level of service to their millions of customers.

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Wholesale price analytics”
“Wholesale price analytics”

The analytical platform that enables the distributors to analyze and to compare their goods in warehouse with other distributors.

  • Comparison of prices of goods in warehouse with others
  • Comparison of goods in stock
  • Information on average wholesale prices on goods
  • Analytics of presented models of goods
  • Popularity of brands

Marketplace integration tools “Integra”
Marketplace integration tools “Integra”

With the help of Integra, you can place your products on all top-end marketplaces just in few clicks.

Upload your product in Integra and choose on which marketplaces you want sell them. That is all! Just relax and get orders!

Price comparison “Matchmaker”
Price comparison “Matchmaker” arrange relationships between your catalog and supplier's propositions :)

"Matchmaker" it's newest word in price comparison feeld of not standartised price-lists. The tool is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. It will help your business work more effectively with your goods and suppliers propositions for them.

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